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Daily Kiss

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Daily Kiss




Celebrate yourself, love yourself, cherish yourself. Give yourself a kiss - because you richly deserve many!

Fill your own Kiss Jar with kisses - let it overflow with life!

** GUYS - Don't forget to Gift this App via iTunes to your favorite Woman **

MAIN FEATURES: Automatically give yourself kisses!!! Everyone deserves kisses. Using our app you can give yourself and others a kiss - anywhere - anytime. You can even give kisses using your Apple Watch™. Plus make your city proud - host your own KISS MOB with our fun Kiss Beaming feature! WE INVITE YOU TO BE AN AMBASSADOR OF KINDNESS.

#1 - Your own Kiss Jar to collect all your kisses, tally them by Day, Week, Month and overall totals. This lets you collect and build your own 'Kiss Jar' and AUTOMATICALLY give yourself kisses;

#2 - Our awesome 'Kiss Beaming' feature that allows you to give and possibly get hundreds of kisses a day from other Kiss Jar users. Make a 'Kiss Mob.' There are four sizes of Kiss Mobs - Mini (10 people), Major (100 people), Mega (1,000 people), and Maxi (10, 000 people). Each Kiss while in a Kiss Mob greatly contributes to your Kiss Jar tally. Who knows how many kisses you might collect at a concert!! This feature uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to send and receive kisses from other nearby 'Daily Kiss' users (within approximately 100 meters).

#3 - Great happy mood bubble charts to illustrate your Daily Kiss achievements. We provide your Kiss Jar collection in attractive cute charts so you can measure the growth of your kiss totals;

#4 - Kiss zones for when you arrive at important locations such as home. You get a wonderful kiss - just to let you know you are awesome, and that this is the wealth of life. You can define up to 10 GPS base locations that will give you a kiss when you enter or leave the zone. For example, when you arrive at work you can give yourself a kiss (or maybe better when you leave work...);


IN-APP FEATURES INCLUDE (Daily Kiss Feature Extension):

#1 - More, More, More: kisses, sounds, and styles - increasing your entire collection to 20 animated kisses, sounds, and styles to brighten your mood. The 'free' version has a small sample of kisses and sounds. The IAP Feature Extension A upgrades your device with additional kisses and sounds. We download additional animations and sounds to your device.

NOTE: This app uses Low Energy BlueTooth technology to communicate with other Daily Kiss apps to exchange kiss 'beams' if you enable this feature in the app. You can disable this feature in the Settings menu of the app. Using this feature may reduce your current battery charge faster than if you do not use this feature.
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