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Daily Kanji

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Daily Kanji

Studying Japanese can be overwhelming, but with Daily Kanji it couldn't be simpler. Just pick your JLPT level and let the app send you daily reminders about new kanji waiting to be learned. 

Other than presenting new characters each day, this app is all about influencing your learning habits and encouraging you to study frequently and regularly. 

Keep in mind that Hiragana/ Katakana knowledge is required in order to take full advantage of this app.

Main features:

- designed to work offline on iPhone (5 and later) and Apple Watch,
- check out readings and examples for each kanji,
- set up your notifications to remind you daily of new kanji to learn,
- choose one of 5 JLPT levels or seamlessly switch between them,
- mark the kanji you have learned and check your progress with just one tap,
- customise the look of the app and back up your progress to iCloud (online connection required)
Daniel Plachta