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Daily Islamic & Quran Verses

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Daily Islamic & Quran Verses

Peace be upon him (Arabic: عليه السلام‎, alayhi as-salām).
Daily Quran Verses app contains Quran quotes ( Qur'an القرآن الكريم), Islamic quotes and sayings, Islamic hadiths, Islamic hadees, Islamic message, Islamic stories etc which will help you to know more about Islam (الإسلام). This Islamic messages app is not just another Islamic tool for listing quotes from The Quran ( al Quran). So we don't list Quran quote to read all at a time. This Islamic insperational qoutes App will show one new Islamic motivation quote each day. You will be notified in the morning with the inspirational quote or Quran stories. Start your day with an Inspiring Quran verse! Daily Quran verses (DQV ) and devotions are the best way to start a day. This morning Islamic verses app can be used for Quran quiz, Islamic moral stories, Islamic quiz game, Quran learning, Allah sms, Islamic stories for muslims and much more. This Islamic launcher app can also be used as Quran reading app, Islamic dream interpretation, Islamic sms english, Quran cure etc. This Quran english version of the app contain Quran by sudais, Quran by mishary al afasy, Islamic stories in english, Islamic stories for kids & islamic quiz free. You can use this app in all Islamic calendar of the Islamic year through all Islamic months. Because every day morning you will get a new al'Quran in english translation quotes. This Quran digital app can be used as Quran online and Quran offline free download app. Before developing this Allah launcher app we conducted a survey and many of the people ask us to develop islamski prirucnik, islamicaster, islamic hijri, islamic hadith, islamic jurisprudence, islamic kalmas or Quran dan terjemah. Some ask us to develop Quran hafalan, Quran karim, Quran othmani, Quran oromo, Quran qaida or Quran duas. This survey really help us in devloping this Quran house app with Quran with english translation (from Quran full book).
For creating this Islamic prayer times and qibla app we collected quotes from Quran arabic book, Quran yaseen full, Islamic books, Islamic audio lectures, Islamic names with meaning, Quran recitation with english translation and Islamic ebooks free download. And we collect the best quotes that will give the best enlightenment and help you to start your day thanking Allah ( God Almighty).

This Islamic Thoughts App (الإسلامية) contain verses and quotes by
- The Holy Quran
- Al-Bukhari and Muslim (مسلم)
- Sahih Bukhari
- Albaz Poetry
- Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
- Imam Shafii
- At-Tirmidhi
- Mustadrak Al-Haakim
- Ali Ibn Abi Talib
- Abu Dawud
- Al-Albani, Al-Adab Al-Mufrad Al-Bukhari, Hadith
- Yasmin Mogahed
- Prophet Muhammad
- Rumi (Muhammad Jalal ud Din Balkhi)
- Sahih Muslim Book
- Hasan hadeeth related by Ibn Majah, and al-Bayhaqee
- Imam an-Nawawi
- Kitab al-Hujjah
- nasser al katami

This Islamic compass prayer app is the best Quran competition & Allah proverb app for Quran studying in Smartphone Market. In all Islamic date timings use this Quran studying app for better enlightenment. Allahu Akbar. Allah o Akbar.
SUGGESTIONS WELCOME! We want to make this the most inspirational and useful app we can. Please send us your ideas to make it better!
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