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D2W Fitness by DeMarcus Ware

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D2W Fitness by DeMarcus Ware

Driven to Win (D2W) brings million-dollar pro-level fitness techniques right to the palm of your hand.

D2W is an app, community and lifestyle for people serious about taking their game to the next level.

D2W gives you the same science-based training programs that DeMarcus Ware received for 12 years in the NFL, all for just 32 cents a day!

D2W is much more than all the other “work out video apps” you’ve been using. Videos can’t explain the proper form necessary to get the most out your workout and not hurt yourself. D2W uses video, 3D animation, augmented reality and machine learning to bring you the best experience possible.

About DeMarcus Ware: Demarcus is an NFL Super Bowl Champion, NFL Defensive Captain and future Hall of Fame. Throughout his twelve years in pro football, DeMarcus focused on training, intensity and unlocking next-level performance by using the science of the body. Those proven techniques come to life in both an assessment driven progression-based program as well as targeted workouts to meet your training goals and drive you from stability through power.


• Personal assessment for proper placement within the core training program. Works for anyone

• Pro-level progressions provide years of unique workouts without plateauing

• Workout phases include Stability, Endurance, Hypertrophy, Strength and Power with unique levels depending on your placement

• Choose male or female trainer

• Hollywood-quality trainer avatars provide detailed 360 views of each exercise and can be placed in your world with AR to fully understand form and technique

• NFL Players Association exclusive content available including pro-player 3D avatar trainers, skills and drills and interviews

• Control your complete workout from your Apple Watch including Smart Heart Rate monitoring for the ultimate edge.

• Vo2 Max fatigue indicator based on AI/ML model that analyzes your speech pattern to determine proper rest periods

• In addition to the main training program, D2W includes 50 Targeted and Smart Cardio workouts for when you want to target certain muscle groups or push your cardio training to the next level

• Catalog of over 900 unique male / female exercises to reference and practice in 3D/AR and video

• Over 600 professionally produced videos of both DeMarcus Ware and Angela Daniel leading you through Warmups, Activations, Plyometrics, Regenerations, Movements, Med Balls, Core and Cardio exercises

• The Challenge section puts you head-to-head with DeMarcus in 28 unique challenges. Capture a video of yourself next to DeMarcus to measure your performance and share the video via social

• Articles and interviews on the science of strength training, nutrition and motivation

Driven to Win is a no-nonsense, high-performance daily grind that builds leaders through truly personalized physical and mental training from champion DeMarcus Ware. Are you ready for the challenge?


• You may download the app for free and preview of features or start a full-featured free trial
• Multiple subscription options with a HUGE discount for annual subscribers


The app utilizes HealthKit to store workout and heart rate information


Optional camera usage for AR and Challenge video capture


Optional voice recording used to measure fatigue

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Driven to Win