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Scrabble with friends

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Scrabble with friends

"Scrabble with friends" is a fascinating intellectual game familiar to everyone since childhood, which is ideal for both family entertainment and new acquaintances.
Play with friends or random players on the network, make words from the proposed set of letters and share knowledge in the chat! Such a pastime is undoubtedly not only pleasant, but also useful, because "Scrabble with friends" develops attention and acumen, and also significantly expands vocabulary: any word can be immediately checked by one click having found its meaning in the built-in explanatory dictionary.
The result in "Scrabble with friends" directly depends on your mental abilities, love for the Russian language and, undoubtedly, erudition!
Sparkle with knowledge and drive your opponents into a corner - never before has the word game been so exciting!

Game features:
• Playing with friends from VKontakte, My World, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Game Center
• Rich, regularly updated dictionary
• Fast online chat with players
• Nice, stylish design
• Colorful themes
• Russian language

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