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By giving time to shapes, the app is unique in the world:
-Each shape is a timer,
to set between timers is easy and playful.
-Each timer is a full and closed cycle,
so you only need a glance to know where time goes.

It is quite ideal for speeches because you can, at any time, compare the “ amount" of time remaining (or elapsed) with the amount of task remaining (or done) to make your speech always synchronized with your time. In this new edition, we have added sub-periods setting and when you have to turn off your iphone, apple watch will take over to provide the vibration at the turning points of sub-periods.

You can have many other uses with the app, e.g. to exercise concentration, as a training timer, a cooking timer, etc.

The animation factor in the app will attract kids so that it is a good hands-on tool for kids age from 4 to 8 to learn time and start managing time.

There are three welcome pages before the main page, just keep sliding to the left until the main page appears. Then you can follow the prompts on the screen to continue.
kun wang