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Cycling Exercise Tracker App

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Cycling Exercise Tracker App

Take your bike to the road and ride the track with our Cycling App. More than a strenuous workout routine, cycling is a leisure activity that helps you accomplish your fitness goals. Join your fellow cycling enthusiasts to map out a strict exercise plan. Push your body to ride the distance for healthy weight loss and burned calories.

Cycling is an excellent workout that engages your whole body. It is a low-impact aerobic exercise. Cycling strengthens your leg muscles and focuses more on quads, calves, and hamstrings.

Much like a run, workouts like cycling and biking make the best of your energy and health. You can plan a daily route map, set your navigation and time, and take your bike for a free spin!

Start slow with a distance tracker
Begin your cycling exercise with your goals set for covering a short distance at low speed. For beginners, we suggest cycling your bike at a lesser speed and gradually increasing your pace over time. Make use of our distance tracker and GPS features to manage your miles covered. Riding your bike is an exercise that activates and tones your leg muscles, but it is essential to ensure a steady plan that does not tire your body. Pick up your cycling speed with a weekly hike and keep up your passion for the ride.

Maintain your training and time
Use our free planner to map your route, track your distance, and provide GPS navigation. It is vital to take an interval between cycling sessions. This cycling regime will help you finalize a rigid training schedule that you can easily maintain. Our planner promptly informs and updates your training plan to match your weight loss and fitness goals. Set a timer for your daily goals and listen to audio music to make the workout more leisurely.

Running workout and body training
Our app offers running workouts as well as other interval training routines as well. Running is an exercise that boosts your strength as much as cycling. The number of calories burned is almost the same in both types of workouts. With our distance tracker and GPS features at your disposal, you can join our tribe of dedicated runners to enhance your fitness and attain healthy weight loss.

App features to help you grow
Check out free features like GPS navigation in our app to assist your cycling plans. The distance tracker helps you keep track of your bike ride or run, while the planner successfully sets your route and time. Our coaching lessons strive to bring out the best in you. Similar to riding with GPS, our biking app offers accurate navigation tools and GPS facilities to oversee your exercise. Keep your speed in check with our speedometer. Have a look at your workouts stats on your computer at home and share them with your friends.

Work your body towards health and strength with running and cycling workouts. Listen to soothing audio tunes as fresh air breezes past you on an energetic bike ride. Set the tracker and mark the timer every day to make sure you never miss out on practice. Break a sweat and let your burned calories over time define your well-being.

At the end of each session, you can also see how many times you have used the app that day and track daily calories burned in the health app. Download Now!

Take on the road, keep cycling to longer distances and achieve your targets with our app!

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