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CWD iSport

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CWD iSport

An application that can be used with both products in the CWD iSport range simultaneously or not. Both products, iJump and iPulse will both allow you to analyze your riding sessions objectively.

All presented in a very simple way with tutorials and training protocols. A web platform backup allows to observe its progression over time.

The Saddle iJump - locomotive parameters:

The parameters measured by the saddle are:

- The regularity of strides
- The speed in m / min
- The quality of the approach (constant, increasing, decreasing)
- The symmetry of the thrust at first
- The number of strides of resumption of gallop after the reception.

Find all these parameters on the video of your course for a more precise video analysis!

The iPulse Girth - Physiological Parameters:

- Cardiac frequency
- Time spent in the stress zones
- Recovery time

But also :

- Speed
- Cadence
- Breakdown of paces in the session
- Sharing activities
- Horse work tracking
- A unique live mode