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Custom Running Intervals

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Custom Running Intervals

This is a flexible custom interval timer and training scheduler with historical analysis, and you are the only one who has access to your data! As a runner, I’ve had challenges finding a running timer that can manage my more involved interval combinations. Custom Running Intervals allows you to build variable activities with repeatable blocks of intervals. Intervals can be by time or by distance with 3 intensities - walk, steady, and fast. You can repeat your intervals a specific or indefinite number of times, for a defined amount of time, or for a given distance. With an inexpensive upgrade, you can create as many combinations of repeatable sets in the variations you choose, build a training plan on a calendar, see results of past runs, and export results to other apps. Also, your data is only available to you - even I can’t see it. Your data will only exist on your phone, or in your own iCloud storage if you choose. If you save your data to iCloud (by default), you can view the results on any other iPhone or iPad that shares the same iCloud account.

1. Configurable intervals - distance (miles, kilometers), time (hours, minutes, seconds)
2. Configurable repeat blocks of intervals - # of times (or until stopped), distance, time
3. Clone activities (use an existing activity - repeats and intervals - as a basis to create a similar activity)
4. Apple Watch monitoring and control (iPhone app must be started)
5. Audio cues by voice, tone, or both (in Settings)
6. Settings for default distance type (miles, kilometers)
7. Pause, Resume, or Stop an activity
8. View current elapsed time, distance, interval progress, overall pace
9. End an in-progress repeat block (and proceed to the next)
10. Results by interval and repeat block, as well as default distance unit (each mile or kilometer)
11. Results (including time, distance, and pace) available immediately after run
12. Map view to verify GPS location prior to starting run
13. Map view of running route in results
14. Helpful on-screen guide when creating first activity and configuring
15. Activities and results stored in iCloud for synchronization across devices and data loss prevention

Apple Watch
If you have an Apple Watch, you can also start, pause, and stop an activity in progress from the watch. NOTE: the Apple Watch app (included with your iPhone download) communicates with the iPhone app, so the app must be started on both the watch and phone to use the watch app.

Apple Watch Features:
1. View existing activity configurations
2. Start an activity (if iPhone app is started)
3. Pause, Resume, or Stop an activity
4. View current elapsed time, distance, interval progress, overall pace
5. End an in-progress repeat block (and proceed to the next)

Available Premium Features (In App Purchase)
If you like the basic features of the app, you can choose to upgrade within the app for some additional premium features:
1. Configure an activity with multiple repeat blocks for more complex intervals (standard version allows one repeat block)
2. Enter planned training runs on a Training Calendar for a selected custom interval (free version allows up to 5). Start your training interval from the calendar on the phone or watch.
3. View a graph of your pace over time for all activities or a specific activity type including a changeable filter by distance (free version allows up to 5 past runs).
4. View the results of your past training runs on the Training Calendar including a map of the route.
5. Sort your past results by date, total time of run, distance, and pace.
6. Export your results (current or history) in the GPX format for importing your GPS data into your favorite tracker that supports GPX.
John Mallonee