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Currency rates CBR & ECB

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Currency rates CBR & ECB


Dear users!
This version is paid and its different from free version by the fact that:
- It has no advertising
- There is a Oil price (Brent in USD). You can activate the Oil prices in Settings by activate the corresponding switch.
- There is a Bitcoin rate. You can activate the Bitcoin rate in Settings by activate the corresponding switch.
- there are data on the exchange rates of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NB RB)

The program works only with the service of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and European Central Bank and queries and displays only the exchange rates of the Russian CB and Euro CB in rouble (RUB) and no monetary exchange rates, no Forex, no similar services to have nothing to do with!

Update rules of the Russian CB: exchange rates available are only on working days, weekends and holidays rates are not changing and not updated! Rates for tomorrow is available only on weekdays and only post 14:00 Moscow time!

Update rules of the Euro CB: exchange rates are available only after 16:00 Moscow time (2.15 p.m. CET). At public holidays currency rates are not does not establish!

Thank you for understanding!

The program "Currency rates" - recent exchange rates according to the Central Bank of Russia you had in your phone! Nothing superfluous, just functionality with a simple interface:
- displaying daily (today) current currency rates according to the Central Bank of Russia
- the ability to request the exchange rates for tomorrow (only Russian CB and only after 14:00 MSK)
- the ability to compile your list of currencies - list of Favorites.
- you can also adjust the order of the currencies in the lists of the exchange rates and favorites
- ability to rename currency's
- currency convertor - added for the convenience of the ruble, automatic conversion of currencies list of Favorites
- Reference currency
- diagram of the dynamics of exchange rates for the periods (pinch-to-zoom is working)
- auto update exchange rate
- notifications on the result of an auto update
- notification of change of currency rate
- widget in Today area - Favorites list
- displaying daily dynamic of the exchange rate - change of course in comparison with yesterday, or today, if enabled, and received a Tomorrow rate
- Apple Watch support, the ability to view detailed information and dynamics, Complications (currency rates on Clock face)
- the amount of traffic in one query does not exceed 7 KB!

Please read this quick start guide after installation (Side menu - Help).
Sergey Politsinsky