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Curlytics lets you track curling statistics and draws - for yourself, or your team!

Curlytics was designed to be simple yet comprehensive - as a curler interested in my own statistics, I wanted to make data entry fast enough to be usable on-ice without affecting pace of play*, yet also fully featured enough to be a usable tool to track progress and identify areas of improvement.

Features include:

- Shot and draw tracking (for individuals - team tracking is available with Curlytics Premium)

- Watch integration - track your progress midgame on your wrist, with a few simple taps, and view it in the app later

- Advanced stats tracking and sorting - Curlytics allows you to explore your shot data, filtering by type, difficulty, handle, position played, and more, in order to identify areas for improvement

- Progress graphing - Curlytics allows you to visually explore and track your (or your team's) progress over time, all sortable/filterable by the above categories

Thanks for using Curlytics, and good curling!

*Note: in the spirit of curling, if you plan on using Curlytics on ice, please make sure the other team is okay with it :)

Terms of Use for Curlytics can be found at:
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