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Curiousfly smart switches are standard smart solution products designed to make life anxious free and futuristic. Curiousfly allows you to access the home appliances from anywhere around the world using curiousfly app. Curiousfly lets you schedule your appliances to work according to your routine, create lighting scenes for mood creation, set timer, assign the required appliances in master switch etc.

You can add floors, name your rooms and appliances and use the curiousfly app effortlessly. Use curiousfly app to customise the switches in fly switch as well.
Also control you home appliances with voice commands. Curiousfly allows integration with motorised curtains, gates, garden sprinklers, IP based CCTV cameras and much more.

Home Automation simplified: Curiousfly simplifies your home automation dreams cutting all the complexities you face during making your home smart. Curiousfly does not need LAN/CAT cabling, static IP and master wiring. Make your dream home a smart one with normal electrical wiring.

Curiousfly is incredibly secure and only the authorised persons will be able to access the curiousfly app.  
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