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Cue My Ride

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Cue My Ride

Cue My Ride guides an indoor cycling session - including music, vocal cues and working zones for intensity, Watts and RPM. It uses the Movement Disorder API for Apple Watch (worn on the wrist that has more symptoms) to track symptoms (tremor and Parkinson's specific dyskinesia) before and after the workout so profile and exercise methods that work best can be used. It connects to a Bluetooth enabled indoor cycling bike and uses the transmitted power and speed to maximize the effect of the program.

Cue My Ride calculates unique RPM & Watt thresholds (frequency & force) for each participant and each ride so every workout can have maximum effect. Riders are guided by instructional emojis called CoachMojis which provide simple up/down guidance for gear and cadence to produce a maximal response with minimal risk caused by unproductive speed.

As the ride progresses, points are accumulated in three performance categories. Using performance points and the before/after tremor and dyskinesia data allows a rider to be specific in choosing a ride profile that works best for them.

Ride graphs show tremor and dyskinesia readings before and after the ride along with the rider's performance data and the change in symptoms to give riders solid data regarding any symptom improvement.

Cue My Ride can monitor symptoms of those diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. It is not to be used to diagnosis any disease.
David Norfleet-Vilaro