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CUE Analytics

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CUE Analytics

CUE Analytics for iPhone!! No longer will you be shackled to your computer when you want to check in on and monitor your customer-facing contact center applications. Okay, so that’s not entirely true. The full CUE Analytics dashboard has supported Safari for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad since day one. The CUE Analytics app extends that experience to include all the goodness of iOS push notifications, a more streamlined login process, and improved account management.

What is CUE Analytics?
CUE Analytics is an analytics engine and dashboard designed to take you beyond traditional contact center reporting. With CUE, the Contact Center Manager, IT Manager, or Customer Experience Officer has a real-time, detailed portrait of your callers' experience in your IVR applications. This technology even works with your mobile contact center applications.

With CUE Analytics for iPhone and Apple Watch, you can quickly check overall system health, track the impact of a recent media campaign, or spot check on how well your customers are responding to that new application update, all while taking in a round of golf or enjoying a train beer during the commute home. Quick survey: Is the commuter drinking a beer on the train ride home just a Chicago thing? Do you guys do that in NYC, Boston, or Atlanta too?

How do I access CUE Analytics on my iPhone?
Simply use the same login credentials that you use to access your account on our website.

Don’t have a login to CUE? That’s okay, we’ll be happy to give you a demo. Get in touch at

Useful Features
Push notifications for Daily Summaries. Think of this app as the co-worker who stops by to give you an update just when you need it. Except this co-worker won’t start talking about the next show in your Netflix queue before you've had a chance to watch it.

Stay logged in! All of us with chubby fingers give this feature two gigantic thumbs up.
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