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Cubtale Baby Tracker

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Cubtale Baby Tracker

Cubtale offers a simple way to keep track of your baby’s daily care activities. If you are looking for a professional approach to care tracking, Cubtale is what you need. Here's our features:

1- Customize your cubs: Select the activities that you would like to track for each baby (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weight, sleep and growth).
2- Charts & routines: View your child's routines by looking at pattern charts, daily sessions and durations. You can even set up your own day/night times and customize to your needs.
3- Setup notifications: Set up notifications for each activity, and customize the app to meet your care tracking needs. We also provide notifications when a co-host logs an activity.
4- Shared profiles: You can add other caregivers to your baby's profile to track activities along with other family members, consultants and doctors.
5- Customize your profile: Upload a profile picture and pick a profile color, customize your views.
6- Dark mode: Switch to dark mode at night and reduce disruptions.

We work day and night everyday to make baby care easier. Contact us at [email protected] for questions, feedback and recommendations. We'd love to hear from you!

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