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ctrlableTunes is a music remote control application that will work all over your home with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

* Explore Your Music Library.

• Browse your own files by categories like Albums, Artists, Genres or simply search for your music.

* Get Full Control Over Your ctrlableTunes Audio Zones

• The MultiPlayer control offers a unique capability to manage and control all your players in one place.

• Have direct access to Power/Volume for each connected player.

• Group players to synchronized groups. Jointly control playback and volume for these groups and move players between them using Drag and Drop or a toolbar.

• Power all players in a group off with a single click when you leave.

• Move players between music sources.

* Manage What’s Currently Playing
• View, save, change and rearrange your current playlist.

• Get context information on the currently playing song/station or on other songs in the current playlist.
• The fully customizable main menu allows you to show other menu items on your home menu or hide things that you don’t need.
• Change the structure of your main menu according to your preferences through a simple drag-and-drop interface.
• For the first time you can select a color scheme for iPeng, so you can use it with either a light or a dark background.
And what else? Enjoy the familiar features and comfort of iPeng.
* Easy and Fast to Use