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CT Sleep Tracker

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CT Sleep Tracker

Track your sleep using your Apple watch sensors. Get motion and heart rate data while you sleep. Just wear your Apple watch to bed and check the app in the morning to automatically track your sleep data. Find out if you move a lot during your sleep or if if you get enough sleep in a daily or weekly basis.


Charge your Apple Watch before bed time or during your morning routine. Wear your Apple Watch to bed and check the app in the morning. The app will prompt you if the detected sleep start and end time are correct. If they're not correct just add the correct times.


Your sleep data is automatically synced with HealthKit sleep analysis data.


To view your log entries in your Apple Watch. Login to your account in you iOS device while being in proximity of your Apple Watch.


The app is free to download but requires a CT Sleep tracker account to use. Creating a CT Sleep Tracker account is free and upgrading to CT Pro is optional. Please check our website for more info.
Victor Cantero Llanos