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Crystal Crusader

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Crystal Crusader

Crystal Crusader has finally launched, FOR FREE!

“Out-of-this-world gameplay!” Connect gems and battle the planet’s warlords. Collect legendary creatures for your never-ending space crusade. Become a guardian for Planet O!

- Five element zones with over 100 levels ranging from EASY to HARD

- Loads of rare items to level-up and evolve your team

- Collect new creatures with every win!

- From slimes to the stuff of legend, customize your team with over 100 characters

- Get online to play with friends in this epic adventure

- In-app purchases and online forum also available

A crash-landing on Planet O has turned into the galaxy’s most epic crusade. Five element zones comprise the planet ring, all originating from the black hole at its center. Time has not been kind to the creatures here, as tyrannous warlords have terrorized the Earth, Fire, Water, Light, and Dark Zones. Each zone calls for you, Crusader, to attack slimes, mythical creatures, legendary heroes, and perhaps even your own human race…

Summon your creatures with their elemental gems, and battle these big bullies to oblivion! The gems have infinite power, and can be fused into shapes or combinations that wreak unspeakable damage to foes. Hone your skills and become a master guardian of the planet. Save us all… And reap the rewards!
Dim Sum Lab Ltd.