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CryptoLITE is a complete, affordable end-to-end OTT solution for Pay TV operators. CryptoLITE supports linear TV, catch up, start-over, network recordings and video on demand. CryptoLITE contains transcoders, packagers, OTT servers and Origin Servers. Together with CryptoGuard’s CAS and DRM solutions the Pay TV operator can establish a complete OTT and Pay TV solution at very affordable rates. Please download the CryptoLite application to see how it can look like.

Statistics are showing that more and more consumers watch their favorite TV programs when they can through catch up. Also start over and network recordings have become popular. Consumers want such TV services not just in their home but also on their tablets and smartphones wherever they are. Pay TV operator without OTT services in markets where competitors offer OTT services faces a serious churn.

Establishing such services is therefore a necessity for most Pay TV operators; however, consumer’s willingness to pay for such services is very low. As OTT solutions till now has been complex and expensive it has been a challenge for Pay TV operators to fulfill consumer’s expectations and stop churn.
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