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Cryppter - safe, convenient, and always yours.

This is a free wallet app which offers multiple features.

Supported coins: BTC, LTC, ETH.

Supported tokens: Flame, USDt.

Supported functionality:
- Send, Receive, and Store supported cryptocurrencies.
- Perform decentralized exchange of supported crypto pairs.
- Quickly scan QR code with payment address, generate your own, or save it as an image and send to payer.
- See full payment history even when it was originated by a 3rd party wallet or exchange.
- Select the fee you are willing to pay to blockchain for order processing. It is dynamically adjusted to the current conditions and you have a choice between slow / standard / fast options.
- Send a message to support if you have any questions or suggestions.

"Not your Keys, not your coins". Never trust a third party and always make sure you have the authority to over your digital finances.
Cryppter keeps your Keys protected on the device and you are encouraged to write them down on paper (along with the seed phrase) in case your phone is lost.
This way you can either restore your account on another device with the phrase, or use another program to manage your coins with the saved Keys.

All payments are being originated directly from the wallet app, which locally signs all transactions.
Our server does not store any sensitive data and we cannot restore your coins if you lost the seed phrase and Private Keys.

All comments can be forwarded to: [email protected]
Enex LLC