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In case you don't have the time to reach or wait for the police/ambulance, your friends, the crowd and our emergency center will be able to help you.
This App has been developed to safe lives in medical and violence-related emergencies.
Alert Trusted Friends + Community Emergency Center + Police + Community Members nearby
Imagine: You are suddenly in a dangerous situation - be it a physical threat, a car accident or a medical emergency - and you need help urgently. Police/ambulance usually need several minutes + you need time to explain where you are. CrowdProtect, on the other hand, immediately alerts
- Your Trusted Friends
- Community Emergency Center
- Community Members near you
and provides a communication platform for you and all helpers.

And even more likely: You witness an emergency and can't help on your own!

When do I use this App?
1.) Someone is following you or you feel in danger or are attacked
2.) Someone else needs help and you want to call for more helpers and police
3.) You are going out or walking home and want your friends/family to see that you are on the right way and arrive safely (e.g. share location for 30min - unlimited time)

Helpful for:
- Protection from violence
- Blind Dating
- Travelling, backpacking
- Keeping your children safe
- 24/7 tracking with almost no battery consumption
- Outdoor sports (horse riding, hiking)
- Health problems
- Hearing impaired or language barriers
- Traffic accidents
- Home security/Home invasions

The CrowdProtect Community
CrowdProtect is more than just an App. It is a community for non-violence, civil courage and social engagement. We are teaching our members intervention, first aid and selfdefense skills and are partners with some of the largest selfdefense associations in Germany. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a new member of our community!

How do I use this App?
How do I define who will be notified when pressing the Help-Button?
The standard settings are that the 10 closest people and our emergency center will be notified. We highly recommend you to add selected friends as emergency contacts in addition.

How do I test the alarm safely?
You can alert a friend (connect with Facebook) or our emergency center to test it.

How do I call for help?
Simply press the Help button. The App will start audio recording and invite helpers.

What will happen then?
CrowdProtect automatically notifies your trusted contacts and our emergency center + up to 10 other users around you. In addition, everyone has a quick dial button to call police.

How do I help others?
You will receive a notification when someone nearby or a friend needs your help. You will see the location and (voice) messages of the help requester and all other helpers. Now you can decide how to help.

If you have ideas or suggestions for improvement, please contact us at [email protected]

Battery consumption
CrowdProtect is designed to consume only 1% of your battery! We have to ask for your location occasionally, so you can help in emergency situations. If you are in danger, we will transfer your location in real-time, resulting in higher consumption.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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