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Crosscan is one of the most powerful realtime analytics platforms for brick and mortar stores.

The Crosscan platform collects all POS specific information like Revenue, Receipts, Conversion Rate, Visitor Counts, Dwell times, Customer Satisfaction, Merchandise Interactions, Pricing Information, Staff planning, Weather and industry indices, as well as any other type of metadata in realtime and converts it to easily understandable, powerful and user role specific views.
These enable store managers, regional sales managers and so forth to make immediate decisions which help to improve the performance of their stores. Automatic rules allow to give best practice advices or control store hardware like A/C, price tags, multimedia systems, etc. depending on the current store situation. The Crosscan App enables the digital transformation of stationary retail and the connection of both, on- and offline world.

To use the Crosscan App a Crosscan Connect account is required.
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