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CREW Watch

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CREW Watch

The CREW app allows continuous and real time measurement from an external Bluetooth-enabled smart thermometer called 'Temp Pal'. (Note this external device is required in order to retrieve temperature information.) CREW integrates with Apple HealthKit in order to collect and display heart rate data collected by the Apple Watch. The CREW app also collects step count data from the Apple Watch pedometer.

When connected to the external Bluetooth-enabled thermometer sensor, the app displays the real time temperature readings from the sensor, the battery level of the sensor, and allows you to manually enter temperature readings from other thermometers. Your heart rate and step count is also captured from the WatchOS at regular intervals to help monitor your overall health and movement. Regular temperature readings, heart rate and step count data are sent to the CREW cloud server which monitors readings and automatically alerts you when the temperature deviates from a set range. You will also be notified if the temperature readings stop reporting.

- Displays temperature and battery readings from the external sensor every 15 minutes. Displays real time Heart Rate from the watch and records step count.
- Manually enter temperature readings from other external thermometers as often as you like for extra peace of mind.
- Receive high temperature alerts to your watch and your monitoring organisation when your temperature exceeds a certain threshold.
- Receive notifications if the external sensor becomes disconnected and follow easy to use instructions on how to re-connect.
- Easily swop external sensors between battery recharges to ensure you’re connected and monitored 24x7.
- Get useful tips on how to adjust for low or high temperature readings.
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