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Your business customers require your attention. They can generate profit for your company, as they represent products or services purchased from you. But let's be honest: this also means that cash is tied up in the accounts receivable portfolio.
ING Commercial Finance offers working capital finance to companies in the business-to-business market, often combined with credit management. For you this means financial peace of mind on the one hand – as cash can be issued to you on the basis of the accounts receivable portfolio –, and our support to keep your company moving on the other.
Creditwatch - features:
Creditwatch gives
our customers full up-to-date insight into the accounts receivable portfolio and working capital financing.
- a clear dashboard with the available credit margin, top 10 debtors, daily bank statements;
- detailed information for each entity;
- data that is constantly updated in real-time (internet connection required);
- access to ‘ING Sector Studies’ and ‘Trends in working capital’ publications of the ING Economics Department.

Visual presentation:

Information is presented in a very visual, user-friendly way. Continuous, easy and quick insight into the current financial status of your accounts receivable portfolio.


The app is frequently expanded and given new functions.
Would you like to try the app? You can do so with the following test account details:

Username: testclnt01
Password: testclnt02

Please feel free to ask for more information about our services. You can contact us via telephone at 030 6593193 or by sending an email to [email protected] Of course, you can also find out more on our website:
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