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Cre8 photo editor gives you a way to create beautiful and outstanding artworks.
Unleash your imagination with the help of powerful editing features.

Image editing
Upload multiple photos from your photo album or use marvelous images and stickers from the gallery.
Edit images using different style options like opacity, border color and thickness, corner radius, and applying filters.
Duplicate and flip the image with just one button tap.
Erase and restore any part of the image quickly.

Text editing
Add your text or generate a random one from the internal collection of inspirational quotes.
Set your text style by changing the font or applying one or many text editing attributes like font size, alignment, opacity, set kern, or line spacing.
Control the text's shadow width, height, color, and radius. Apply background color, size, opacity, and corner radius.

Change a brush size, use different colors, or set opacity when drawing.
Use "undo," "redo," and "clear" options, or use an eraser to edit changes quickly.

Control layers with an intuitive gesture to move, zoom and rotate.
Move them up and down, or play with different blend options.
Duplicate layer and define a style for multiple layers simultaneously.

Pick from different canvas sizes - portrait is ideal for the stories, square one for your posts, and circle for stickers. Don't forget to check the latest "avatar" size for your favourite social networks.
Set a background color or keep it transparent. Also, you can move and zoom the whole canvas with all the layers.
Option to Save and Restore canvas at any time right where you left it.

I hope you find all you need to create the perfect artwork, and if you miss any, just let me know!
Makesour Ltd