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CPU Dasher64

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CPU Dasher64

CPU Dasher64 is a smart app that shows a lot of information in 64-bit mode for Apple A7 or later processors. It lists the device info, CPU info, almost all the 64-bit ARM instruction set(including general-purpose instructions and SIMD & VFP instructions) and the performance of several common algorithms. Currently, matrix multiplication and Color-to-gray image processing algorithm are revealed.
Use compared to CPU Dasher, you will also know the difference for the performance between 32-bit mode and 64-bit mode. It will also teach you the usage of some complicated ARMv8 instructions.

This app contains no ads. it doesn't even connect to the network.

**** ATTENTION, this app is preferred for the processors that are based on ARMv8 architectures, i.e. the processors that begin with Apple A7. ****

CPU Dasher64是迄今为止市面上唯一一款完美支持Apple A系列64位处理器的应用。它展示了ARMv8在64位模式下的各方面性能优势体现。该产品首先列出了当前设备基本信息以及处理器基本信息,然后列出了几乎所有ARMv8指令集,展现了其使用方法以及最大最小周期;最后本产品列出了若干通用算法的性能分析。
与CPU Dasher对比使用,您将会发现64位模式与32位模式在使用场合下的性能优劣。
****注意!本应用最好用在Apple A7处理器或更新处理器的iOS设备上。 ****
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