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Countzilla has counters that count things and pickers that pick things from a list. With multiple counting and picking modes, there is a counter or a picker right for every situation.

Countzilla helps you keep count of things:

Keep count: My kids love to see how many times they were right, so I use Countzilla to pick who is right.

Just count: When it's Halloween, I want to know how many visitors come to my house. I use Countzilla to count Trick or Treaters.

Keep score: When I play games with my friends, I use Countzilla to add up the points in the game for each player.

Just pick: When I want to flip a coin or just want to pick between a few options, I use Countzilla to pick from a list.

Pair of dice: Lost your dice and want to play a game. Countzilla will give you two dice.

Pick fairly: When I go out with my friends to get coffee, we use Countzilla to make a random choice and see who pays. If someone volunteers to pay, then they are less likely to get picked next time.

Pick wisely: My vitamins come every month, but are slightly less than a month's supply--so I am constantly running out. Now, when I take vitamins in the morning, I use Countzilla to see if I should skip a day or take the vitamins.

Count down: I use Countzilla to track the number of seconds since the Unix epoch--January 1, 1970.

Countzilla helps you make random tiny decisions when you are indifferent to the outcome. Through principled decision theory and mathematics, Countzilla ensures that you make rational choices, in the limit.

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