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Free unlimited counters. Toss virtual coins. Roll virtual dice.

People who play board games or go out with friends can now use their phones to keep score and make random decisions. Countzilla combines score keeping and random choice selection in one app. When playing board games, you can add the players and keep score. When making decisions like deciding whose turn it is to pay for coffee, Countzilla guarantees that everyone gets a fair chance--even if there are volunteers.

Customers have found that Countzilla helps keeps peace in their marriage by keeping track of who is right more often, tracking chores, or simply breaking ties in an argument. It is an indispensable tool for life.

Explorers use Countzilla to try new ideas. Explore a restaurant you have not visited in a while. Meet up with friends you have not seen in a while. Decide whether or not to buy those shoes or that watch.

Countzilla simplifies many of life's tough choices by applying principled decision theory and mathematics, ensuring that you make rational choices, in the limit.