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Count everything with ease and simplicity. Keep track of attendance, pitch count, anything that requires counting.
Unlimited counter: you can use as many counters as you want.
Record time: Not only count, but record when count switches were pressed so that you can analyze those later.
Analyze: Send all the event record in JSON format via iPhone's activity, such as SMS, Mail, Facebook, Twitter and etc.
Quick Summary: Shows summary minutely, hourly and daily automatically according to span.

{ "counters":
[ { "events":[ 443269388.736106,443269388.903375 ]
, "target":"Parakeet"
, [ { "events":[ 443269388.736106,443269388.903375 ]
, "target":"Parrot"
, "note":"Birds"

The number in events array is the number of seconds from the absolute reference date (the first instant of 1 January 2001, GMT) for the event date.
Satoru Ogura