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Store your special schedules like memorial days or good events (we call them ‘Countil') into this app.
You can display the number of days until Countil in full-screen with beautiful wallpapers.

* Countdown on the badge
You can display the number of days until Countil which is most important for you to the app's badge.

* Countdown on Apple Watch
The very personal device Apple Watch suits to display Countils.
On the Glance, the app will show the Countil which is badged or is located on top of the list.

* Sharing Countils to SNS
Let's share your Countils on SNS.
You can share your Countils on Twitter and the other services.

* Abundant wallpapers
The app includes many wallpapers to dress up your Countils.
You can also purchase extra wallpapers.

* Cooperation with calendar
The app can work together with iOS Calendar app.
You can create new Countils with choosing event from Calendar.
You also can export Countils as Calendar events.

* On all devices you have
This app provides screens which are optimized for each iPhone and iPad.
If you use iCloud, Countils are synchronized automatically between devices, and you can see same Countils on all iOS devices you have.
iWeave, Inc.