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Powerful tally counter for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
- Flip-clock animation for the numbers
- Support for multiple counters
- Choose a name for each counter
- Haptic feedback to count without looking at the screen
- Change the step size of each count
- Option to lock the reset button to only reset when holding for a few seconds
- Button to copy the current counter to clipboard
- Sounds for each tap and reset

FULL SUPPORT FOR APPLE WATCH: You can start counting on your iPhone and continue on your Apple Watch whenever you want; both counters sync in real time, no matter if the app is open or closed. From the Apple Watch, you can access all of your counters and count without looking at the screen, thanks to the haptic feedback. Also, you can change settings such as the step size of each counter or toggle the haptic feedback.

If you have any questions or found a bug, please contact us :)
Marcos Sabaris