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Countdown to the important days in your life.
Conferences, Birthdays, Vacations. Anything.

Countdown makes counting down those important days easy. Simply title your Countdown, give it an emoji, and pick the date for your Countdown.

Use Apple Watch to track a specific countdown right from your watch face with the Countdown Complication, or view more info about a Countdown with the Watch app.

Add the Countdown widget to your Today View to track your Favorite countdowns right from the lock screen.

Sync your Countdowns between your iPad, iPhone, and Mac using iCloud, free of charge.

Use Siri Shortcuts to find out when a specific Countdown is over, or when all of the Countdowns in a category will end, or even use Up Next to find out how long until your closet Countdown is done.

Import Calendar Events to create Countdowns, or save your Countdowns to a Calendar of your choice.
Todd Osterberg