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Count To Ten

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Count To Ten

Learn how to count to ten in 23 languages!

Impress your friends by being able to count to ten in various languages. Practice each language just a few minutes a day and you'll be an expert in counting to ten in each of those languages in no time.

Challenge your friends to a count to ten duel in any of the available languages in the two player mode. To make it extra interesting choose the random option to play a mix of all the available languages.

Hear the pronunciation of each word in the language of your choice by simply tapping the numbers on your screen.

Featured languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Hindi, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Hungarian

Featured modes:
- Play against your friends across the room.
- Tap on any of the numbers to hear the pronunciation of the number.
- Select from 23 languages
- Beat your own high score in each of the languages
- Practice your count to ten on the Apple Watch
- and more…
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