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Count my Target

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Count my Target

Keep an eye on your goals!
You want to eat at least five times a day fruits or vegetables or drink at least five glasses of water? Set the limit to five and pass it and keep your eyes on your goal. For every portion you consume, you tap the button once. When it changes from red to green, you have reached your goal.

You want to handle a small habit responsibly?
Tonight you go out with friends and decide to drink a maximum of five beers?
Set your limit to five and stay below in the settings. For every beer you order, you tap the button once. If it changes from green to red, it's good for today.
This way you keep an eye on your limit even if you change bars or get invited.

The last ten events are saved for tracking. You can change what you want to count in the settings!

Have fun with Count my Target!
Michael Ecke