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Count It Off-Setlist Metronome

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Count It Off-Setlist Metronome

Ever feel like you count off the song too fast? You practiced it perfectly, but the adrenaline at the gig makes you just take off running. Count It Off makes it quick and easy to see what your next song is and what tempo you chose when you were practicing. Count off that song with perfect time, every time. You can even get the tempo on your Apple Watch!

* Use our simple, fast metronome to pick a tempo for your song
* Create all of your songs with whatever tempo you like
* Add your songs to set lists so you are ready for every gig
* When you are at the show, just use your watch or phone to launch the setlist​
* All setlists are constantly synced with your watch
* Feel or see the tempo on your phone or watch so you don’t need headphones or the speaker
* Add a Siri shortcut so you can start a set with just your voice.

So, jam on and play better with Count it Off. Fully accessible for all users with Dynamic Type and VoiceOver support!

Please let us know how you use the app through our send feedback button in the Settings tab.
Sebastian Osorio