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Count It

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Count It

Count It - Never lose the count again.
Simple but useful App with Apple Watch integration that lets you count anything.

- Laps while exercising.
- How many beers you drink at the pub.
- Days since you quit smoking.
- Glasses of water you drink during the day.
- People that enter your restaurant or club.
- Sheep while you sleep :P

Count It has two way communication between the App and the Watch, meaning that you can start your count on your Watch and continue it on your Phone and vice versa.

Tapping anywhere on the App or Watch face adds to the counter and gives you haptic feedback. You don't have to look at your Watch while counting!

To decrement or clear the counter, force press on your watch face.

Includes a watch complication and glance that lets you easily check and access the count.

You can also modify the look to several color options to fit your style.

The step count can also be modify so you can count in higher numbers not just one by one.

The App is also fully open-sourced, PRs are very welcome.
Christopher Jimenez