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COSMOTE Smart Home

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COSMOTE Smart Home

Security and safety, comfort and energy management – conveniently control your smart devices with just a single app! With COSMOTE Smart Home you can create perfect home conditions, even when you are not there.

So you can daily enjoy

• Security and convenience.
Turn on your air-condition or your heating before you even get home! How? Now you can control the smart home appliances from wherever you are via Cosmote Smart Home App!

• Scalability
Add your newly bought device easily to COSMOTE Smart Home without having to install another application.

• Flexibility
COSMOTE Smart Home app supports a wide range of devices and the most used wireless communication protocols to connect the smart device you have or want to acquire.

Additional Information:

• Housesitter: This function turns on lights, music and vacuum cleaner noises while you’re away, simulating a human presence
• Profiles: Scenarios like “Workweek Mornings” or “TV Evenings” can be used to define lighting and electrical device presets that are automatically activated according to time and event


• Current partners: Sonos, Philips Hue, Osram, Netatmo, Amazon, Bitron, D-Link, eQ-3, and many more brands are being added all the time
• Compatible with smartphones and tablets, Apple Watch and Samsung Gear
• Compatible with more than 100+ devices and basic radio protocols HomeMatic, ZigBee Pro and Dect ULE.

Please note:
This app requires the activation of COSMOTE Smart Home service, available at COSMOTE and GERMANOS Shops and the installation of the COSMOTE Smart Home Base, which is available at shops.

The COSMOTE SmartHome app requires an Apple device using the iOS 8.0 operating system or later.

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