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Cosmo Connected

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Cosmo Connected

The Cosmo Connected application is your mobility assistant for all your daily rides, whatever your mode of transportation (bike, e-scooter, motorcycle or scooter).

An improved experience for more fun and safety during your trips!

You will be able to pair your Cosmo device and enjoy all its features!

For Cosmo Ride, Cosmo Moto and Cosmo Bike connected lights:

A position light to be seen in all weather and in all circumstances at eye level of road users

A hazard light to warn of danger on the road

A deceleration light to warn when you slow down

A flashing light (only for the Cosmo Ride) that indicates your change of direction

A fall detector that will alert loved ones within 2 minutes

For the Cosmo Vision connected glasses:

Data and screens displayed in the glasses

GPS guidance on your routes

Tracking your performance during your more athletic outings

For the Cosmo Moto, we have developed an Allianz Assistance subscription so that users of motorized two wheels can have additional insurance. In case of a fall, an alert will be automatically generated to an emergency call center that will take care of the rescue.

Other features are also available such as trip sharing or a dashboard to review and analyze your trips.

Download the app and discover our new features!
Cosmo Connected