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Cortex Flex

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Cortex Flex

Flex your mind with a multitude of challenging one minute games!

Designed for entertainment and fun, no brain scientists, rocket scientists, nor quantum scientists were consulted - or harmed - during the creation of Cortex Flex. Yet, the possibility exists that your memory, focus, and concentration may improve as you play.

Who said unintended consequences must be bad?

Flex your memory. Flex your attention. Flex your focus.

The choice is yours.

Looks too simple?

Prepare to be fooled.

Just like your brain, Cortex Flex will trick you when you least expect it!

Games include:

• Math problems

• Symbol matches

• Symbol memory

• Symbol differences

• Symbol patterns

Challenge your mind minute by minute. You may even get smarter in the process!

All games track best score and correct answers for the number of attempts. Challenge yourself to Flex harder and improve your score each time you play. Make your mind your opponent!


Cortex Flex is NOT a subscription service.

Limited daily play of all games is offered in the base version which can be downloaded for free. Unlimited play of all games is available with In-App purchases. Prove your intelligence with one time purchases that allow you to Flex all the time!

Ad removal (displayed on all devices except Apple Watch) is also available to lessen distraction and increase your focus.

Feeling smarter already, aren't you?

Feel even smarter. Download and Flex now!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please visit us:

Twitter: @cortexflex

Lynn Jensen