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Corrie Health

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Corrie Health

Look after your cardiovascular health with an app from the world’s best doctors and engineers. Corrie (Cor is Latin for heart) is there when you need it most. Stay informed and engage with what matters for your cardiovascular health.

Invented by Johns Hopkins faculty and team, Corrie is backed by clinical research. Corrie has state-of-the-art medical content and supports the recommendations from the American Heart Association.

Connect with tools you need to keep your heart and blood vessels healthy. Corrie and will be your health buddy to make sure you have the best chance for a healthy life in the hospital, clinic, and at home.

Corrie App Features:

1. Tasks: track progress taking medications and completing other care tasks like engaging in physical activity. Reminders are included to help you stay on track.
2. Vitals: stay in tune with indicators of cardiovascular health like heart rate, blood pressure, physical activity, and mood.
3. ABCs: understand your cardiovascular health through engaging state-of-the art videos and easy-to-read summaries.
4. Check Up: schedule and track follow up appointments with healthcare providers and cardiac rehabilitation. Share your progress reports with your healthcare team and others who help support you reaching your health goals.
5. Connect: keep critical health information a click away, including medical cards (e.g. stent cards, insurance cards) and care team contact information.
6. Apple Watch with Corrie App: monitors cardiac recovery (steps, heart rate, activity goals) and keeps you on track with medication and appointment reminders.

Corrie uses HealthKit to read heart rate and biometric data to better assist you with your recovery process.

Corrie uses the Apple CareKit API for storing and retrieving your recovery progress, medication schedule, appointments, and learning material.

Corrie can integrate with Omron BP monitor devices. Omron BP monitors are approved by the FDA in the United States.
Corrie Health LLC