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Did you know that every 1 minute of cardiac arrest without the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedure is equivalent to -10% chance of the person surviving?

How do we intend to help you in this moment of adrenaline?
With an intuitive design and technology we help to perform the maneuvers within the metrics described by the American Heart Association (AHA):

- To teach you, through tutorial with images, the correct performance of the CPR procedure (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
- To guide, through audio, each step of the tutorial.
- In providing a shortcut to the emergency call. In case 911 is the universal emergency number, regardless of the location you are in.
- With the usage of vibrations (haptics), audio and visual effects in the aid so that each compression is done at the rate of 110bpm. That way, you can maintain the correct pace, which is essential for the procedure to be effective.
- Every 2 minutes it is advisable to change the person who does the CPR to avoid fatigue and that the procedure is continuous until the emergency arrives, with this an audio is sent that alerts this exchange.
- The possibility of placing the app on the main Apple Watch page to facilitate quick opening in emergency cases.

Also access the American Heart Association resources for more information:

This app was developed in the Developer Academy project in Brasília.
Fabio Franca Costa Junior