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The CooperFit App is a smart-phone app that measures your cardiovascular fitness in minutes. Based on nearly 50 years of published scientific research and data, it's been proven you can now influence and extend your years while enhancing the quality of your life.

CooperFit app is a individual biometric fitness evaluation used to help predict the length and quality of your life.
What does that mean?
By using CooperFit app and becoming fit, you can use scientific data to gain individualized information about your fitness level that can:

· Add up to 6 years to your life
· Decrease dying of any cause by 58%
· Substantially decrease your health care spending
· Decrease symptoms that negatively affect your quality of life

How does it work?
Using either the The Cooper Test (a 12 minute run evaluation invented by Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, in the 1960s) or the Alternative Rockport Walk Test (a 1 mile walk evaluation), CooperFit uses published fitness evaluation studies and proprietary Cooper Clinic data to measure and validate your personal fitness level specific to your age and gender. Both tests require the participant to give their best physical effort during the test while the app uses GPS and sensor technology to help create the result.

Simply enter your weight and age, select either the Cooper Run Test or Alternative Walk Test, hit start and then cover the chosen distance as fast as possible. At the end of your run or walk, as prompted, stand still and hold your finger over the camera lens of your phone for an uninterrupted 30 seconds with as little movement as possible to accurately measure your heart rate. If you are using Apple Watch, Apple HealthKit provides the heart rate. CooperFit will then display your fitness level in one of six categories (very poor, poor, fair, good, excellent, superior). You also have the opportunity to ask questions at the end plus your results are stored so you can go back and see your improvement each time you take the test.

For best technical results, you should perform the run or walk test while holding your phone in your hand, in an outdoor area that has a consistent and clear view of the sky, and on a course with minimal turns.
CooperFit may also be completed on a treadmill. Follow the same steps as the outdoor test, but then record your distance or time at the end of the test.
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