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COONO is the e-sharing service for Tübingen: Either COONO XY for spontaneous trips or COONO YZ as a rental in advance for planned trips. This is modern mobility: simple, flexible and environmentally friendly.

At COONO, you can choose between e-cars - in various sizes - and e-scooters. You can find all vehicles in the COONO app. Download the COONO app, register and verify your driving licence in just a few minutes - then you can drive off.

Do you want to go somewhere spontaneously? Then COONO XY is just the thing for you. For planned trips, for which you will definitely need a vehicle, you book your vehicle in advance via COONO YZ. This makes city mobility fun!

You can open any vehicle via the COONO app. You are charged per minute. For longer journeys, a km fee is added.

The COONO cars look forward to returning to their own homes. In other words, each car has a fixed parking space to which you return it after the journey. There it is recharged. If the journey is a bit longer, you can charge on the way. The charging card and instructions are in the vehicle. Please do not forget to charge the vehicle in good time and cruise back to Tübingen: If we have to pick you (and your car) up, it will unfortunately be a little more expensive.

Our scooters do not have a permanent home. You can park them anywhere in the city after the ride. We call this freefloating. Of course you can drive anywhere you like. (Even though we can't imagine that anyone likes to drive out of Tübingen...). Just keep an eye on your battery charge - otherwise you'll have to walk. And we'll have to collect your scooter far from home.
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