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Cooking Checklist

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Cooking Checklist

Ever found yourself missing an ingredient or a step in the preparation process while you are preparing your favourite recipe? Then this app is for you.

Keep track of the ingredients you have already added and tick of the steps in the procedure that you have already completed. Never miss out on something again.

If you have an Apple Watch then you can call up your recipe on your wrist and tick of the ingredients as you add them or tick of a completed procedure.

App Features:
- Easily add recipes, ingredients, and procedures.
- Recipe descriptions support rich markup features such as Bold, Italic, Underline.
- Recipe shows both ingredients and procedures in tabular format.
- Mark items in recipes as completed or uncompleted.
- Quickly reset any marked items for a recipe.
- Share your recipes with others who have this app or send them a PDF with your recipe.
- Print your recipes complete with check boxes for use during cooking.
- Access your recipes on your watch and mark items as completed as you go through the cooking process.
Mark Busman