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Cooking Basmati Rice Timer

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Cooking Basmati Rice Timer

Welcome to Cooking Basmati Rice Timer. This healthy food cooking watch app will guide you cook basmati rice dish. Its guide is simple to follow. It is easy to use and you will succeed in cooking a nice basmati rice meal you will love. Have a look at the normal time in the watch app to keep to time, tap each Soak, Cook and Stand basmati rice button at every stage, swipe and follow the 'Getting Started' guide patiently with each button. Share with friends, family, loved ones and your social food enthusiasts around the world. Enjoy!

Please Note: Cooking Basmati Rice Timer is not a free watch app and requires real money to purchase.

How to Use:
Touch the right side of the screen and Swipe towards left direction to go to the next screen. Touch the left side of the screen and Swipe towards the right direction to go to previous screen. White lights at the bottom of screen show you which screen you are in. Tap each button to time each stage of cooking basmati rice recipe. Read 'Getting Started' and use with timer to complete every stage of preparing and cooking your basmati rice dish.
Okorafor Ikeagwu