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Make “kitchen math” easy with the ultimate cooking volume calculator! CookConvert is a super simple, one step measuring and cooking unit conversion app. Pull off a no-stress dinner party with CookConvert. Just enter the amount next to one of the measurements listed and the amount is converted to all of the other measurements listed below.

*Quickly scale your recipes with these features:
Convert ingredients from weight to volume, and so much more (e.g.cups, ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons, and milliliters).
One-step conversion: convert one measure to all other measures on one screen with a single click.
Easily save your favorite conversions for quick recall.
Available Units of Measure: cooking volume, temperature, weight, density, time, volume.
Customize CookConvert with a variety of smart, colorful skins.

Now, you can make hosting dinner a piece of cake with CookConvert!

Thank you using CookConvert, the Kitchen Math Unit Converter! Have questions or feedback? Your suggestion could be our next feature!
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