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Converter is the most comprehensive, simplest, customizable and usable unit converter with the calculator in the market. This will replace all the unit converter you have on your device and the last you will have to look for.

App also includes custom calculator and porting your conversion results to the calculator with just two taps. Total 1400+ units are included - most comprehensive free unit and currency converter in the market.

It is meticulously designed for Apple Watch and has a most advance Widget. Uniquely allows you to show/hide units with in each category.

Special Usability Features:

First of its kind Unit Converter Screen, where you can select any category or units without going back to category list screen Do conversions for unlimited units in your widget or in you apple watch with automatic save function for future reference.

The fastest access to the favorite categories Use it offline for unit conversion Conversion history and unit bookmarking.

Best search function that searches everything, all the units and categories Customize category units for fastest access to most useful conversions; you can show/hide units within a particular category Do your daily currency conversion in widget and apple watch Saved conversions also saves previous values and you can access them to get the new values with fewest taps Double tap on unit conversion result to go on Calculator screen with result value Tap on unit conversion result to get up to eight decimal digits.

Supports of 12 most popular languages around the world

OVER 1400 UNITS in 52 CATEGORIES Currency conversion with automatic updates Clothing converter with specifically designed interface Cooking category with all the useful cooking conversions 10 different forms category with fast and unique interface Most Advanced and fast Calculator where you can automatically save your equation, make notes for your calculations, share instantly and copy equation.

User interface:

It works with newly launched iPad Pro and Apple Watch with latest OS including latest iPhone and iPad Unique and fast usage of app in the widget Use most of these functions in newly launched Apple watch with latest Watch OS.

Creative design and professional interface Easy to swipe between calculator and converter Saved conversion with value for future reference Cutting edge design with 2 color themes White and Black Most usable units conversion includes: Acceleration, Angle, Area, Astronomical units, Capacitance, Cooking, Currency, Data size, Data Transfer speed, Density, Electric current, Energy, Force, Frequency, Fuel Consumption, Length, Light, Luminance, Mass, Metric Prefixes, Power, Pressure, Radio activity, Sound, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Typography, Viscosity, Volume, Volumetric flow, Weight Clothing Includes Men, Women and children Size of dresses, t-shirts or shoes Utility Forms includes Business days, Calendar days, Mortgage payment, Percentage, ROI, Split check, Tip Calculator

We want this to be one and only app on your device for conversion and calculation. We will keep adding new features, units and functionalities. Feel free to leave a feedback or contact us with any comments or suggestions.
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