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conversation shaker 1000

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conversation shaker 1000

The Conversation Shaker app helps you shake up any conversation when you get stuck in that awkward silence.

Stir up a boring dinner congregation with family/friends by asking fun questions or insightful ones that makes you think.


- A 1000 conversation shakers are included, broken down in 10 categories.
- Add the ones you like to "Favorites". Share by FB/Twitter.
- Apple Watch App that works fully independent from the iPhone - included for free.

No in app purchases/no hidden charges/no ads - this is the full version.

Use them as icebreakers or pick-up lines (results may wary)

- Too many? Save the ones you like to Favourites for quick access.

- Choosing makes you anxious? Use the Random feature to pick a random one and keep hitting the refresh button till your finger hurts.

- On the go, in a hurry? The glance screen (watch) shows a random one each time.

Message me if you want me to add more @convshake