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Controller 4 Netatmo Presence

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Controller 4 Netatmo Presence

This is an unofficial app of mine for Netatmo Presence devices.
The use of brand names is solely to determine the basis of my app , since the app can only work with this manufacturer systems .

With Controller 4 Netatmo Presence you get faster access to your Presence in your local network without the cloud. You get many possibilities to control your Presence like:

- Switch for Snapshot and Stream
- Time durance for Snapshot
- Quality for Stream
- Camera on / off
- Floodlight auto / on / off
- Floodlight Intensity

Use the Widget in the Todayview to see who ring the door.

Unfortunally this app is not so easy to configure, because some restrictions and data protection of Netatmo.
If you will use this app you need the secure ID of your camera and you get this information from Netatmo. I provide a video on youtube how it works.

This app works only with Netatmo Presence devices in wifi.
There is no remote access to your camera.
Christian Harms