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Continue Camera

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Continue Camera

Edit video while shooting video. Editing is complete when shooting is complete!
Pause / Resume function, record only where it is needed.
It corresponds to the ratio of 1: 1, 16: 9, 4: 3.
Rich real time filter.

Because you can pause and fast-forward while shooting, you can only shoot videos where needed.
Fade-in / out can be added automatically when pausing / resuming, No need to edit videos later

/******* Editing function ******/
* Auto cut
Automatically record only when the volume exceeds the specified value.
There is also a recording mode only for the moment of smile.

* Fade in out
Automatically dims the image when paused / restarted.
The color when fading in and out can be changed from the settings.

* Fast forward
You can change 1 to 10 times fast forward during shooting.
You can shoot time-lapse movies with audio while changing the speed freely.

* Reverse play
Make a 10 second reverse playback video.

You can mute the audio at any time during shooting.

/*********Real time filter**********/

*10 color processing
You can easily change the color of the movie, such as the part color that displays only the specified color.

*10 effect
Add special effects such as adding effects to diorama processing, afterimages, and movement.

*8 deformation
Deform shapes such as fisheye lens style and puzzles.

*8 face detect
Recognize human faces and add effects such as processing and posters.

*9 else
Anime style and video delivery site style are possible.

You can control shooting from Apple Watch.
Ayumu Kinoshita