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Contacts Cleaning Manager

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Contacts Cleaning Manager

Contacts Cleaning Manager for iPhone allows you to backup phone data in one click. Transfer your contacts from and to iPhone, Gmail, iCloud, Hotmail and Yahoo! or keep full backups of your iPhone address book on your PC.

1. go to the Restore tab
2. select the date you wish to restore
3. (if you want) select the elements you wish to restore.

These days, our devices are literally crammed with contacts, so much so that sooner or later we all face duplicate contacts. Using Contacts Cleaning Manager’s app data extraction, you can easily gain extra storage space, and remove all the duplicate contacts with similar numbers and email address.

• Back up to an address book contact
• Schedule backups to run whenever and however frequently you want
• Back up everything or just a selected contact
• The ability to share your backups with others
• Backups are firmware independent
• Helpful documentation

Contacts Cleaning Manager overcomes one of iOS’s major flaw, allowing you to backup and restore iOS contacts data. And it’s super easy!
Everyday Tools, LLC